Starting Point

What Is the Process for Starting a New Website?



You will meet with us to discuss your goals, objectives and needs in a website. We use this meeting to learn more about your company, your target audience and discuss keywords and phrases to use throughout the development of your site.

It would be helpful for you to have the following for this meeting if you have not already submitted a Website Development Online Questionnaire:


Next, we will create a structured outline of your site using wire frames. This process outlines the most sensible way to display your information for visitor usability. Using detailed wire frames will frequently flush out new requirements and questions. They also help to keep a paper trail of functional and design decisions that are made.


Once the site structure is decided, we will determine the design that will best capture the look and feel you want. You will receive a link to what are called “proof” pages that are static template designs that represent what your website will look like. From there you may request tweaks or changes to the basic design.

After a template design has been chosen and approved, we will add your specific content and transform your website from a static design to a functioning website.

We will need page content at this time. This link will provide you with information on how you should send page content and what format it should be in?


Now your site will be thoroughly tested. We check every site in the top 3 browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox and Safari. We check to assure that the code validates according to W3C web standards. We make sure there are no bugs with forms, links, applications, etc.

Once everything checks out, and we have your final approval and payment, we will launch your site. We will need your domain information at this time. This link will provide you with details on what information we will need.


Once the site has been launched, we again do more testing and watch for any feedback that may need our attention. As a courtesy to our customers, we will make incidental changes and adjustments to your site for 30 days after launch for no additional charges. It is important that a website stays maintained. Both users and search engines like updated content, so it is important to keep text and graphics fresh and give users a reason to keep coming back.

You will be instructed on how to maintain your website, depending on the website package you have selected. More information about maintenance is available here.