Advantages of CSS Code

Published on 02/14/09

This article is intended to give you an explanation of some of the advantages CSS brings to an owner of a CSS directed website.

If you are interested in more technical information concerning CSS, follow this link.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylesheet language that controls attributes for use in HTML pages. They direct the way HTML code is presented. In other words, HTML is for content and CSS is for presentation. Today, all major browsers support CSS and they are getting better each day.

CSS provides flexibility. Before CSS, website changes were expensive due to the time necessary to make changes, even changes that seemed small to those who only viewed the finished product. With CSS, the complication of making changes is diminished, making costs for updates more affordable. This allows a website to reasonable grow and change with the growth and change of a business.

CSS improves rendering. Before CSS and broadband had become mainstream, the traditional table-based layout caused slow-loading pages. This happens because the browser, upon receiving the page from the server, must first examine and “understand” the complex array of nested tables. It must locate the deeply nested content and then work its way out. Only after completing this journey is the browser able to begin rendering the content on the screen. CSS allows the browser to begin the rendering process immediately because there is little, if any, actual presentational markup in the content of the page. Additionally, any page that shares the CSS of the first page rendered downloads even quicker. Before CSS, the browser had to do the bottom-to-top work for each page rendered which is significantly slower.

CSS improves accessibility. Accessibility is receiving broader consideration today. For the most part, only those developers who were building sites for government or educational institutions were forced into actually providing accessibility features. Using CSS can make it easier, and therefore less expensive, to build accessible sites.

What does this mean for you…

Weber Web Works provides a unique website based on HTML and CSS coding which is clean, easy, and semantically correct enabling web crawlers to identify your content (extremely important in moving your site up in search engine rankings). This results in higher traffic to your site, most likely translating into more business for you. Your potential customers will be viewing your valuable information quickly and as you intend for them to see it no matter what popular web browser they are using.