Advantages of HTML Code

Published on 02/14/09

This article is intended to give you an explanation of some of the advantages HTML brings to an owner of an HTML based website.

If you are interested in more technical information concerning HTML, follow this link.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a specific markup language defined in a few different versions by a standards body. It is the language that truly “builds” the website page with tables, divisions, and outputting text in certain formats, such as bold and underlined fonts.

HTML presence is dominating the web, and it is the most widely accepted language for web design. It is easily recognized and interpreted by the popular web browsers.

HTML is a very clean, straightforward language. This results in quicker download times and consistent viewing results. This is also very appealing to search engines.

HTML allows programs to be embedded within it using an assortment of scripting languages. This results in a very flexible language. It is interactive with CSS, JavaScript and some Applets.

What does this mean for you…

Weber Web Works provides a unique website based on HTML and CSS coding which is clean, easy, and semantically correct enabling web crawlers to identify your content (extremely important in moving your site up in search engine rankings). This results in higher traffic to your site, most likely translating into more business for you. Your potential customers will be viewing your valuable information quickly and as you intend for them to see it no matter what popular web browser they are using.