Content Management System (CMS)

Our unique browser-based CMS interface allows you to interact with your website by maintaining, updating, reorganizing, and adding to or modifying any portion of your site that we develop. Using Opera, Safari, or Firefox, you can login to the CMS and maintain your site. You have direct and full control over the content of your website. Included in all non-StartUp Packages is 1 hour or more of phone-training during which we will show you the basics of the simple online editing capability, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars of maintenance fees—and have fun doing it!


As described above, we give you access to the CMS or “back end” of your site, thus eliminating most need you would otherwise have for regular maintenance. However, if you have need of our assistance, we are available to do site updates/changes for a $40 per instance charge which covers up to one half-hour of site editing. Additional time will be billed at the rate of $15 per quarter-hour or partial quarter-hour increment.


The site is self-hosting (no other hosting service required). All site hosting plans are based on usage of 1GB of space per site. We offer no long-term maintenance plans, so you are never tied into anything long-term like that. We will provide free maintenance, adjusting and even further developing service (within the specs of this proposal) for 30 days after launch of your website. After that any additional site work would be on a per-incident basis, starting at $40 as described above.

Hosting is built into our system, and inherent to providing you with the ability to edit and maintain your own site. Standard hosting starts at the following monthly price points:

• $10/mo. for Basic Sites
• $12/mo. for Site Design Level I
• $15/mo. for Site Design Level II
• $18/mo. for Site Design Level III
• Call for pricing on Advanced Feature hosting

Domain Hosting: If you do not have a domain, we can help you set this up, the cost is $10/year for most domains plus $25 initial setup. This will allow you to have multiple emails forwarding to the same or multiple email accounts in your organization in the format of (domain-based email addresses). The initial setup includes transferring your domain hosting from your registrar’s server to ours, and initially setting up any forwarding emails you wish.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We will not be satisfied with your site till you are, so you may suggest changes as you please up until official launch of the site.

Launch Policy

We will launch your site after 2 things have been accomplished:

1) We have your approval to do so, and
2) Your site is paid in full.

Terms: 2 payments of 50% each with the first payment being made at the point you are ready for us to start building your website, and the second payment being due prior to launch.

Launch: Before launch, your site will be hosted and fully functional, accessible through a url we will set up set up for the test site. At the point of launch, we will set up your site so that it is finally accessible on the internet at your own domain. We will pay up to the first full month of your hosting depending on length of time from project commencement to launch of your site.

Post-launch site alterations: As a courtesy to our customers, we will make incidental changes and adjustments to your site for 30 days after launch for no additional charges. Any incidental changes or site development after this point will be subject to per-job rates which can be estimated upon receipt of your work request.

Development Turn-around Time

Your site will be ready for your initial review within 1–2 weeks of your first payment and receipt of your site information, extending beyond that sometimes depending on extent of site. After you have reviewed your site, you will be able to suggest corrections or changes, or re-organization, etc. of your site to fine-tune it.