Starting Point

How do I update my website or add another page?

Editable Interface

Our unique browser-based editable interface allows you to interact with your website so that you can maintain, update, reorganize, and add to any portion of your site that we develop. Using a browser (Opera, Safari, or Firefox), you can login to your site and make any changes you want to to your site. This gives you direct control over the content of your site. We Include 1 hour of phone-training with all packages that provide this editing feature. This training will teach you the basics of the simple online editing feature of your website and save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance fees.


As described above, we give you access to the “back end” of your site, thus eliminating regular maintenance by us. However, if you have need of our assistance, we are available to do site updates/changes for a $40 per instance charge which covers up to one half-hour of site editing. Additional time will be billed at the rate of $15 per quarter-hour or partial quarter-hour increment.